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We ask that you please do your research with each specific species & their basic care needs before placing your order

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*Axolotl/ Ambystoma Mexicanum* 

*Andersoni/ Ambystoma Andersoni*

(Salamander/ Amphibian)

*NeoCaridina/ Caridina Shrimp*




*Live Arrival Guarantee* 

A replacement will be sent to purchaser if the animal is doa (dead on arrival) with supporting evidence being provided to us.  Photos Must Be Sent within 2 hours of delivery in original packaging of doa or a replacement will not be sent .  A refund will not be given in any circumstance, only a replacement will be offered: don't worry, most often they make it home safe.

Once the animal is in your care we will not be held responsible for any illnesses, injuries or deaths that may occur.  We will also not be held responsible for any physical changes that may occur after the animal has been received, such as pigmentation development or lack of development; especially with our Leucistic Morph 'Tuxedos'.


                                       *Purchasing  Guidelines*

Purchaser "Must" be 16+ years of age!

Purchaser must be located within legal U.S. States

Note: Each State has different regulations so please check with your states Fish & Game on specific species before purchasing


Ambystoma Andersoni are NOT Legal to keep as Pets in Oregon, New Jersey, Virginia, California & New Mexico (a permit is required)


Ambystoma Mexicanum (Axolotl) are NOT Legal to keep as Pets in New Jersey, Virginia & California (a permit is required)


                                           *International Sales*

International Import/ Export:  We do carry the Required 'State & Federal' Licencing & Permits to do international trade.  If interested please contact us for further details.

PayPal/ Stripe Payment Info:

*Secure Checkout*

Purchaser 'Must' have a valid PayPal *or* Stripe (debit) account linked to the Correct Address for Shipment!  If the correct address is not provided, we will NOT be held responsible & will not replace/refund any animals or merchandise.      

Live Animal Shipping Information:

USPS Priority Flat Rate

Standard Cost: $20

Quantity: Up to 4 Axolotls/ Shrimp Unlimited qty. 

Shipping Available: Mondays & Tuesdays (excluding holiday weeks) 

Animal Type's: Shrimp, Baby & Juvenile (-6") Axolotls

Note: NO Andersoni or Adult Axolotls/ Please select FedEx overnight shipping for those

FedEx Overnight Express (Ship~Your~Aquatics) 

Cost: Starting at $65/ by weight

Shipping Available: Monday through Thursday

Note: Weather/ Holiday Permiting

-  All boxes are Insulated with thick Styrofoam & Icepack(s) 

-  Each Live Package is marked 'Live Animal' (or) 'Live Fish' along with 'Fragile' & 'Keep Cool'

Note: We try our best to ship All Non-Live Products within 2 business days after the order has been received (each non-live product includes different shipping info under direct listing)

We do our best to ensure a smooth healthy transition when shipping our animals to their new homes & ask (as a courtesy) that a Live Arrival Photo is sent immediately upon arrival.

*If you have ANY Questions, Concerns or Special Request (shipping held @ post office ect.) We ask that you please contact us before check out*


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