RARE Morphed Ambystoma Andersoni
  • RARE Morphed Ambystoma Andersoni

    New to the U.S. we have a limited amount of rare Morphed Andersoni Available 
    Care Requirements: Half water/ half land, with moist coco fiber & moss substrate, high humidity & hides. Diet consists of earthworms, mealworms, crickets, daphnia & pellets.  Care is very similar to Tiger Salamanders. Our morphed Andersoni are all healthy & have been under close watch for several months, we now feel comfortable releasing them into the U.S. pet trade. Feel free to message with any questions. 
    U.S.Shipping: Select  *Overnight FedEx ShipYourAquatics*  legal states only please, if you are unsure check with your states fish & wildlife 
    To learn more > Check out our Morphed Andersoni Videos on YouTube > https://www.youtube.com/user/MasterTodayOnly
    Thank you & looking forward to sharing these fun unique social creatures with you.