🌟Qty:1 Melanoid Axolotl Available🌟
  • 🌟Qty:1 Melanoid Axolotl Available🌟

    Update 06.14.20
    🌟We have 1 baby Melanoid Available! All limbs, toes & gills are intact🌟
    Baby Melanoid Axolotl 
    Hatch Date: 03.17.20
    Size: 2.5" (back feet are grown out)
    Diet: Live Daphnia, Blackworms, Brine Shrimp, Small Earthworms, Frozen Bloodworms, Soft Sinking Pellets
    Hets: Melanoid, Axanthic, Copper
    Parents: Mom (Ducky) is MAC Melanoid Axanthic Copper & Dad (Chief) is Long Gilled Axanthic (both parents pictured in last photo)
    Shipping: FedEx Overnight Shipping ONLY 
    Use Coupon Code: fedexbaby @checkout to get $15 off Overnight
    Note: Photo is example of the Mels from this clutch; most likely not the exact baby being sent out.