Copper Axolotls RTB U.K. line
  • Copper Axolotls RTB U.K. line

    Pure Line U.K. Copper Axolotls 
    * 1st  generation u.s. *
    Hatched here @MicroQuatics
    Bred by Twin Cities Axolotls 
    ☆Pure Copper Line☆ 
    Dad: Caramello ~ Mom: Stardust
    Last 3 photos are of parents/ Photo Credits Twin Cities Axolotls
    Shipping @ Checkout PLEASE ONLY Select: $65 overnight. NOTE: We are not shipping live animals through USPS at this time ((year 2020/21)) Thank you for understanding, it's what's best for the animal ♡
    Update 2021:  Holdbacks Available