Axolotl Eggs 🐣 MAC (Melanoid Axanthic Copper) × Axanthic Pairing

Axolotl Eggs 🐣 MAC (Melanoid Axanthic Copper) × Axanthic Pairing

We have Multi-Het Eggs DevelopingParents are MAC (Melanoid Axanthic Copper bred by Strohls Herptiles) × Axanthic (bred by J.Barton) These baby's are fully loaded with a great genetic variation. We are expecting this clutch to be mostly Axanthic het Melanoid & Copper; while 'possibly' also being het for Leucistic & Albino (yet to be confirmed) Both parents from this breeding have beautiful long flowing gills, which would be a fantastic bonus if passed down to their offspring. For name reference, mom is Ducky & dad name is Chief.

Note: Eggs are listed @ $2 each, be sure to add qty. of how many you'd like to order.

Shipping: Please select $8 Egg Shipping from the shipping dropdown menu @ checkout

Note: Eggs have been shipped (Tuesday March 10th)  

Update: We have decided to continue shipping through Saturday March 14th, for late orders a few may hatch during transit, which is really not an issue considering they feed off their egg sacks for the first few days anyways.

Another Update 03.15.29:  A lot of the eggs are looking to possibly be Copper, which would mean dad is het for Copper 💛 YAY!!!

Thank you to everyone has put in orders, we are looking forward to sharing with you 💞

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