• Ambystoma Andersoni

    Species: Ambystoma Andersoni
    Age: Hatched early July 2018
    Average Size (11/19): 8" to  9"
    Current Diet Suggestions: 2.5mm/3.5mm Pellets, Live Daphnia, Vinegar Eels, Microworms, Brineshrimp, Bloodworms, Blackworms, Grindal Worms, Tubifexworms
    SHIPPING 'REQUIRED': Select 'Overnight" FedEx w/ ShipYourAquatics @checkout $65
    Note ~ A Permit is Required to Puchase Andersoni from the Following States: Hawaii, New Jersey, New Mexico California, Virginia & Oregon
    Andersoni care sheet is located on our FaceBook Business Page @MicroQuatics_Farm
    Feel free to contact us through email with any questions
    *3 of the photos above are used as 'Examples' of Mature Adults from our Breeding Stock*
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